Imagen Big DataBig Data is understood as the management and analysis of huge volumes of data that can not be treated in a conventional manner, exceeding limits and capabilities of conventional software tools commonly used for the capture, management and data processing.

This concept includes infrastructure, technologies and services that have been created to solve the processing of huge data sets structured, unstructured or semi-structured (messages on social networks, signals of mobile networks​, audio, sensors, digital images, data forms, emails, survey data, logs etc.) that can come from sensors, microphones, cameras, medical scanners, images, etc.

The goal of Big Data, like conventional analytical systems, is to convert the data into information that facilitates decision-making, even in real time. However, more than a matter of size, is a business opportunity. Companies are already using Big Data to understand the profile, needs and feelings of their customers regarding products and / or services sold. This is especially relevant because it allows to adapt the way the company interacts with its customers and how to serve them

The DNP is part of the public - private partnership CAOBA as an initiative in the area of Big Data

With this initiative, the private sector, academia and the State will boost the country's competitiveness and promote a public policy of Big Data and Data Analytics in Colombia, which will be led by the Departamento Nacional de Planeación (DNP)

DNP It is currently conducting analysis techniques and technologies Big Data Data from the logistics sector, and is being implemented

The results can be shown in this viewer:

Big Data viewer

 This viewer shows results of analytics from GPS information gathered from several transportation companies, processed using Big Data technologies and algorithms


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